Nutrition Training for Nurses

When older adults move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, it’s typically because they can no longer care for themselves the way they used to. Basic needs such as hygiene and nutrition require help.

At Diamond Healthcare Services, we believe every resident deserves access to the highest quality of life possible. We know you believe that too. So we want to help equip your nursing staff with the best nursing home nutritional training possible. So your staff feels confident to help your residents live their best lives.

These courses are informative, actionable, and fun. We can also provide this course as a small portion of your Plan of Corrections if your nursing facility has been issued a statement of deficiencies.

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Nutrition Education Training for Nursing Home Kitchen Staff

A significant part of providing the best nutrition to your nursing home residents is ensuring your kitchen staff offers quality meals that are both delicious and healthy. We are happy to work with your kitchen staff to help give your residents excellent meals they can enjoy that are good for their nutritional needs.

Please contact us if you have any questions about our nursing nutrition training program.