About 1 in 31 patients residing at a medical facility will experience at least one healthcare associated infection (HAI). While hospitals, nursing homes, and medical facilities are safe places where people can find quality medical care, they can also be breeding grounds for infection and the spread of disease.

If you lead a medical facility or assisted living facility and need to schedule infection control training for nurses and healthcare professionals, contact us today.

What’s covered in infection control training?

We’ll train your team to implement all essential activities to reduce the spread of diseases and circumstances that cause infections. We’ll also teach simple, actionable ways to execute your IPC program effectively.

Your nursing staff will learn how to reduce:

  • Pathogen transmission
  • Healthcare-associated infections
  • Antibiotic resistance
  • And more

Need a Plan of Corrections for a Statement of Deficiencies?

Many nursing facilities are required to schedule infection prevention and control (IPC) training for their nursing staff after being issued a statement of deficiencies. In fact, the need for an IPC program is cited as the second most common reason nursing homes receive a low survey score.

If you need CDC infection control training for your nursing home in Texas, contact Diamond Healthcare Services today. We’ll be happy to provide the best training course possible to equip your staff to provide quality care to your residents.

Our infection control training courses for nurses and healthcare workers in Texas are just one of the many trainings we offer to assisted living facilities in need of a plan of corrections. Give us a call to speak with an assisted living consultant today.

Why Schedule Infection Control CDC Training With Diamond Healthcare Services?

Stop the spread of diseases

We’ll show your nursing staff how to take simple, yet crucial, precautions to prevent the spread of diseases at your nursing home or medical facility.

Prevent infection

Preventing infection at your medical or nursing facility will help your residents stay safe and your medical facility avoid costly liability claims.

Protect your residents

Nursing home and assisted living residents are among the most vulnerable when it comes to infection and diseases. We’ll help you protect them.

Put patients’ minds at ease

Not just your patients, but also their families, are relying on you to provide quality, trustworthy healthcare services. Preventing infection will give them peace of mind.

Flexible Schedules

Our training services are designed to meet the needs of any schedule. We can teach our courses during the evenings, on weekends, or at all three shifts.

Speak To One Of Our Medical Center & Nursing Home Consultants

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